Monday, March 23, 2015

some repeats and some new ones...

made for BIL's girlfriend (see post below for details)

I started this one first on Phildar Coton 3 but it turned out too small, then I made the one in the previous post with Aviso.  That one went to a new home en I finished the Coton 3 one over the weekend :)
Phildar Coton 3 Rouge and hook 2,5
for pattern see previous post.

Pattern from Christel Krukkert
Made with Phildar Coton 3 and hook 2.5

A little extra friend for Pip, they will both travel deep into the African Continent soon

Made with Catania Color, hook 3, pattern from the latest "Simply Crochet" mag

Free pattern can be found here
made with hook 2,5mm and Catania coton

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